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Commercial Furniture Upholstery Repair

FL Upholstery is the #1 choice for commercial upholstery in Kissimmee and Orlando Florida. We provide upholstery repair services for hotels, theater seatings, cruise lines, medical and dental chairs, restaurant seating, and much more. We service our clients in one of two ways. 1) You can hire us per job and pay as you go (we provide discounted rates on 200+ pieces in need of repair) or 2) You can subcontract us to conduct regular maintenance on several of your locations at a discounted price. Call us today for a free quote.

Hotel & Resort Furniture Upholstery Repair

The lobby is the first impression of any business or hotel. Don’t stray away potential clients with worn out, torn, or vandalized furnishings. We can turn your old furniture into modern new furniture! Keep guests coming back with impressive and comfortable hotel rooms and suites. Reupholstery is a wonderful option to replace worn-in, vandalized, or simply outdated indoor or outdoor furniture.

Sun and rain can also fade, damage, and crack your outdoor furniture upholstery. Let us replace your damaged outdoor upholstery with NEW comforting weather resistant fabrics. Speak to our fabric specialist so they can recommend a fabric that works best for your businesses needs. We make our recommendations based on your furnishing's usage, location, demographics, and traffic. Contact us today for a free fabric consultation.

Restaurant Upholstery

Restaurant furnishings are subject to spilled drinks and food along with regular wear and tear. Allow us to update you dirty torn restaurant seats and transform them into beautiful clean modern decor!

For owners that have more than one restaurant that require maintenance we offer special discounts for bulk repair pieces. Call us today for a free quote.

Theater Seatings

Theater seats can get worn out and dirty after only a couple of months of use. Allow us to restore your theater's seats and keep them at a new state with our regular upholstery maintenance plans. We can replace worn out smelly cushions or dirty stained fabrics on a “as need basis” to keep your theater seatings in optimal shape at all times. Contact us today so we can build a custom maintenance plan that works best for your business.

Cruise line Upholstery Repair & Maintenance

Cruise ships require a lot of regular maintenance because there is upholstery virtually everywhere. FL Upholstery can help your cruise line by constantly repairing uncleanable stains, torn, or worn out furniture.

Together we can customize a maintenance plan that works best for your business. We will then conduct regular maintenance for your upholstered walls or carpeting, pool side and patio furniture, lobby and restaurant seating areas, and/or much much more.

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