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FL Upholstery Repair Process

FL Upholstery specializes in furniture upholstery repair and restoration. We don’t just do “quick fix” repairs. We truly renovate your chair and add years of life by restoring your furniture to it’s brand new condition at an affordable price. In addition to re placing your chairs’ outer fabric, we also replace everything on the inside as well. First, we start by repairing any inconsistencies in the inner wooden framework. Then we replace the chairs’ padding, springs, and/or webbing if needed. And lastly, we replace your old worn out furniture fabric with a new one of your choice.

Wooden Frame Repair

The frame is the most important part to the functionality of a piece of furniture. A loose frame can crack, rock or fail and potentially cause accidents in your place of business. We can repair loose frames by using several craftsman processes to create a good, strong, sturdy frame.

Replace Furniture Springs

Springs determine the firmness of a seat and are located between the frame and padding. We can replace all types of springs such as: standard springs, zig zag springs, eight-way hand tied springs, and coil springs.


Repair Cushions, Pillows, Padding and Fills

Cushions and padding are added after the springs to add shape and comfort to furniture seats. We can repair and replace all types of cushions and padding such as: high-density foam, soft polyester, feather and down, Dacron, and more.


Replace your Chair’s Fabric, Leather, or Vinyl

FL Upholstery works with Florida’s largest distributors of fabrics and exotics skins to provide the custom look you desire. Choose from our large selection of fabrics and materials including ┬ábut not limited to: elegant fabrics, linens, vinyls, faux and leather suede, faux leather, genuine leather, furs, exotic skins and much more! Click here to learn more about our upholstery fabrics.

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