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Complete Auto Interior Customization & Repairs

Create that one of a kind original look for the interior of your car. FL Upholstery can help you achieve your unique style in mind. Express your originality by selecting the right fabrics, colors, and carpeting to redesign the inside of your vehicle. FL Upholstery can help the hit traveling TV show “Pimp Your Ride” become a local reality foryour personal or business vehicle.

Headliner Repair

Headliner Repair

Is your car’s ceiling fabric sagging? FL Upholstery can repair sagging roof tops in minimal time! Don’t waste time and money purchasing a headliner kit when you can have the pros handle it for about the same price.

FL Upholstery will replace the headlining fabric on your rooftop or sunroof and take away years of usage, smoking stains, bad odors, and remove any excess old fabric insulation particles that may be contaminating the air in your vehicle. Contact us today for a free quote!

Custom Seat Upholstery & Repair

Custom Seat Upholstery

FL Upholstery can help you customize seat upholstery or repair any existing damage to the leather of your seats. FL Upholstery works in connection with Florida’s largest distributors of fabrics and exotics skins to provide the custom look you desire. Choose from our large selection of fabrics and materials including but not limited to: vinyls, faux leather or suede, genuine leather or suede, furs, exotic skins and much more! Contact us today for a free quote! Click here to check out our photo gallery.

Door Panels & Dashboard Upholstery

Dashboard Upholstery

Create a truly original look with custom designed door panels and upholstered dashboards. Even if your panels or dashboard has no upholstery we are still able to add materials to it.

Check out our custom designs photo gallery to see what designs others have come up it.

Carpet Replacement

Car Carpet Replacement

Replace torn dirty carpeting in your car. FL Upholstery will remove all the seats from your vehicle and remove old carpeting and replace it with the color of your choice. Contact us today for a free quote.


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